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GPA Launches the Covid-19 Emergency Action Fund to Help Threatened Mayan Communities


At GPA, we are facing the potential devastation of hundreds of vulnerable indigenous communities in Mexico and Guatemala. The ease and speed with which this virus is transmitted could literally wipe out many families in these villages, whose poverty and isolation from healthcare services put them at great risk.

Many residents who had migrated to the US, and other areas are returning home to their families in great numbers, without any preventative measures being taken.

As the virus begins to spread, women and children will be hit the hardest, and maternal and infant mortality rates could skyrocket.


To respond to this crisis, we are launching the Emergency Action Fund.

Through this difficult time, our commitment to the vulnerable women, children and communities we work with is stronger than ever. Together we can meet this challenge. Together, the actions we take can make a world of difference in the lives of so many. Please join us.


Please read about the actions we will take with this fund.

How You Can Help Women & Children During Covid-19

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, GPA has launched the Emergency Action Fund.


Watch this short video to learn how you can help hundreds of threatened Mayan communities in Mexico and Guatemala, who are facing their potential devastation.

Community Healthcare

Global Pediatric Alliance has partnered with the Guatemalan organization Aprosadse, to train community health promoters so they can provide basic first aid and essential maternal and  child health services to their communities.

Equipping Young People to be Dynamic Agents of Change

GPA believes young people are powerful agents for improving the health and well-being of their communities. Through the Young Leaders Program, students reflect on gender roles, life goals, and how to have healthy relationships free of violence.

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