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Una comunidad en Guatemala se une

para llevar agua limpia a cientos de familias

Participación de la Comunidad


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Women Caring for Women Program and Men's Workshops

Young women in a Women Caring for Women workshop in Guaquitepec


Men reflecting on gender roles in their communities during a Men's Workshop

GPA engages key groups of women and men in communities throughout Chiapas, Mexico through an in-depth series of workshops and activities so that they are sensitized to and active in the health of women and girls. Our programs create the opportunity for exchanges among the groups of women and men, and allow for a critical reflection of everyday practices, beliefs and social norms that can lead to gender-based inequalities. We support the groups in their initiatives, whether individual or collective, to promote changes that can create the conditions for  women and girls to lead dignified, healthy lives. 

In our Women Caring for Women Program, GPA works with and supports groups of women using a gender and rights-based approach to provide the information and tools for leading healthy lives. Women and adolescents learn about their rights and take actions to decrease the daily practices that can put their health and lives at risk, while creating a sense of solidarity with each other.

In our Men's Workshops, we work with and support groups of men so that they can have the tools and information that allows them to question gender beliefs, roles and practices that can put the health and lives of women and girls at risk, and take actions to eliminate these practices.

Respectful Maternal Care Program for Healthcare Personnel

Medical personnel take part in an activity in San Cristobal de las Casas

Our Respectful Maternal Care program works with health practitioners to ensure they provide women the best quality and standard of care possible, and respect their rights during their pregnancy, birth and delivery services. This includes care that is free of violence and discrimination. The program consists of a series of workshops with medical practitioners; observations of medical practices at clinics and hospitals; surveys of service users; the creation of individual and collective improvement plans, meetings with healthcare management and follow up observations. Over the past five years we have been working in the Los Altos, Palenque and Ocosingo regions of Chiapas, and in Yucatán.

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