GPA Celebrates 20 Years

Watch our "20 Years, 20 Stories" Video Series

Video #1: A Visual Overview of GPA's Work

20 Years, 20 Stories

Each week we'll feature a short video from our work in Mexico and Guatemala. Videos will range from recipients of our Community-Designed Small Grants programs doing amazing work on the ground, to the experience of GPA team members, to interviews with midwives, community health promoters, doctors, nurses, and much more!

Video #2: GPA's Juan Carlos Pérez Vázquez, who first began working with GPA 16 years ago

Video #4: María García Hernández,

GPA's exceptional translator and workshop facilitor

Video #6: Doña Ana María Sánchez Gómez, a midwife for 71 years, reflects on the importance of her life's work.

Video #8: GPA'S Respectful Maternal Care Program to improve the quality of care health staff provide to Indigenous women.

Video #10: ADEMI, Working for the Health of Mayan

Women and Children in Guatemala.

Video #12: The Nich Ixim Midwife Movement of Chiapas and why it's important to have a platform to demand better care

Video #14: Traditional midwife Lucía Girón talks about her experience as a midwife over the past 25 years

Video #3: Catalina Mazariegos Gómez, from the Indigenous Women's Center in Guaquitepec, Chiapas

Photo courtesy Janet Jarman

Video #5: APROSADSE, the Guatemalan organization improving health access for vulnerable women and children

Video #7: Luisa Sánchez Ton, a midwife, talks about how a GPA workshop helped her save a baby's life.

Video #9: Sebastiana Pale Pérez, GPA's Operational Coordinator for the Nich Ixim Midwife Movement of Chiapas.

Video #11: Josue Huacash, Founder of Camino de Viento, talks about the importance of a community having healthcare

Video #13: GPA's 20th Anniversary Event that was

celebrated in Chiapas, Mexico

Video #15: GPA Founder Dr. Scott Cohen reflects on the past 20 years of GPA, from its genesis to its current impact