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GPA Celebrates 20 Years

Watch our "20 Years, 20 Stories" Video Series

Video #1: A Visual Overview of GPA's Work

Video #20: A Thank You from GPA Executive Director

20 Years, 20 Stories

For our 20th Anniversary, we featured a short, inspiring video from our work in Mexico & Guatemala. Videos range from recipients of our Community-Designed Small Grants programs doing amazing work on the ground, to the experience of GPA team members, to interviews with midwives, community health promoters, doctors, nurses, and much more! Please watch!

Video #2: GPA's Juan Carlos Pérez Vázquez, who first began working with GPA 16 years ago

Video #4: María García Hernández,

GPA's exceptional translator and workshop facilitor

Video #6: Doña Ana María Sánchez Gómez, a midwife for 71 years, reflects on the importance of her life's work.

Video #8: GPA'S Respectful Maternal Care Program to improve the quality of care health staff provide to Indigenous women.

Video #10: ADEMI, Working for the Health of Mayan

Women and Children in Guatemala.

Video #12: The Nich Ixim Midwife Movement of Chiapas and why it's important to have a platform to demand better care

Video #14: Traditional midwife Lucía Girón talks about her experience as a midwife over the past 25 years

Video #16: Learn about the actions we took to help protect pregnant women & traditional midwives during the pandemic

Video #18: Long-term partner APROSADSE helps create an emergency fund for pregnant women in Guatemala

Video #3: Catalina Mazariegos Gómez, from the Indigenous Women's Center in Guaquitepec, Chiapas

Photo courtesy Janet Jarman

Video #5: APROSADSE, the Guatemalan organization improving health access for vulnerable women and children

Video #7: Luisa Sánchez Ton, a midwife, talks about how a GPA workshop helped her save a baby's life.

Video #9: Sebastiana Pale Pérez, GPA's Operational Coordinator for the Nich Ixim Midwife Movement of Chiapas.

Video #11: Josue Huacash, Founder of Camino de Viento, talks about the importance of a community having healthcare

Video #13: GPA's 20th Anniversary Event that was

celebrated in Chiapas, Mexico

Video #15: GPA Founder Dr. Scott Cohen reflects on the past 20 years of GPA, from its genesis to its current impact

Video #17: An interview with Jennifer, from GPA's Youth Program in Chiapas, Mexico

Video #19: Traditional Midwife María Guzmán shares how essential midwifery is to women in her community.

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