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Buy A Beautiful T-shirt and Help Threatened Communities in 2 Quick Steps

If you're wondering what you can do to help with Covid-19, Purescue Design, an awesome t-shirt company, is giving you one great solution and two great wins!

Step 1: Order a beautiful 100% cotton T-shirt, “Hug and Kiss at an Appropriate Distance” at Purescue (

Win #1: 100% of the profits will go to Global Pediatric Alliance for its Emergency Action Fund to help threatened indigenous communities in Mexico and Guatemala, which includes getting hundreds of Mayan midwives in vulnerable communities personal protective equipment.

Win #2: You will look great and be a part of the solution!

Step 2: Please help spread the word and forward this offer to family and friends!

A big, big thank you to Purescue, and Gary G. for the design!!

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