How One Decision Can Change the Lives of So Many

Choabajito is a small village in Guatemala, surrounded by majestic green mountains, hidden from view by the thick clouds that make the space between the hilltops their permanent home. The majority of the villagers here are subsistence farmers. Amelia, who is 35, (pictured center), was born here, like her mother and grandmother. She is a member of the village’s women’s health committee, and received training as a community health worker on providing essential care, at the local organization APROSADSE, through GPA’s Small Grants Program. At night, her family gathers to share stories, the only time they have together. “Before the water filter was installed, we had to boil the water over the fir

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Global Pediatric Alliance promotes grassroots empowerment and community-based healthcare to improve the lives of women and children, and reduce maternal and infant mortality in Latin America.

Photos courtesy of Marcella Spera, Monica

Jarosz, Nikhol Esteras, and Stacey Ramirez

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