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Becoming a Midwife: The Story of Doña Soraida

This article was contributed by graduate student researcher Jazmine Garcia Delgadillo. Earlier this year while conducting evaluation work we interviewed women who held a very special role in their communities. Though our main objective was to find out what impact GPA has had in their lives, we learned much about their experiences and histories as traditional midwives in Chiapas. Doña Soraida (left) with GPA Training Program Director Alejandra Alvarez. The following is the story of Doña Soraida: Doña Soraida lives in the municipality of Yajalon, Chiapas. She has been a midwife for approximately 20 years. As we began to engage with her in a conversation of what it means to be a midwife in Chia

"Parteras" Video

Watch the moving short film "Parteras" on to learn more about the critical role midwives play in reducing maternal mortality and improving women's health. #video

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